11 Months of Winnie Wilde

Monday, October 17, 2016

Winnie is SO close to being one and it's totally freaking me out. I seriously wake up every day and can't believe how big she's gotten, how much she can do, and how much she's turning into a little toddler before my eyes. 

She's walking all over, and getting more comfortable every day. She started chasing the big kids today while walking instead of crawling, and we basically threw a parade, cause it felt like such a big-girl moment! 

She loves food and will make sure you know that she wants whatever you have. Her favorites are apples & yogurt. She's not sleeping through the night, which I really could care less about at this point - it doesn't bother me, she's only up once. Sleep is just really low on my priority list at this point in my life, so I pick my battles ;) 

Winnie adores Baylor & Bellamy (ahem, she tolerates Bella, stage 5 clinger) and loses her shit if I leave her sight. Her She loves her blankie, hates the vacuum,  and has presumably eaten 7 legos this month alone. Girlfriend eats everything

We're getting ready to plan her a first birthday bash and she's celebrating her last "first" this month -Halloween! 

We can't resist her intense eyebrows, those chubby thighs, and her hot temper that makes her who she really is... wild

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