5 Things to Say instead of "You have your hands full!"

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

If you would have asked me 4 years ago how I'd feel if someone told me: "my, you have your hands full!", I probably would have shrugged my shoulders and said "whatev!" BUT, after hearing it every time I go in public and often times repeatedly, I loathe when people say it. Some people say it kindly, some, not so much. 

SO, every time someone says a comment about my kids or my family that is affirming, kind, or socially acceptable, I take note. Here's 5 remarks that I've heard, that are suitable replacements when you might think "man, she has her hands full!"

1. It gets easier! 
This one is always encouraging, and always gives me the extra little oomph I need, knowing that it won't be as challenging forever. 

2. Your family is beautiful! 
Because who doesn't like to hear that their kids are cute. Also, cuteness makes bad behavior in public a bit more pallet-able. 

3. Look at all your helpers! 
Glass-half-full approach always does wonders and often times changes my perspective, even just for a bit. 

4. You're doing a great job! 
Because as a mom, it's really easy to feel like you suck. Especially when your kids are throwing a shit-fit in the toy isle at Target. 

5. Nothing,
The ol' "if you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all!" Sometimes, the last thing I want to hear is the peanut gallery. Trust me, there's plenty of nuts in my shopping cart. 

SO, next time you think about saying this to someone, try one of these phrases instead. Or, if you're in my boat, where you hear this all the time, brush ya shoulders off and tell yourself something kind.  Because we're all doing our best, better than we think, and the kids are alright ;) 

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Katie Cey Gillespie said...

I refer to you as Superwoman, cuz. You're totally rocking Motherhood, and I'm in awe of you! Keep it up, and don't let the naggers bring you down ❤️

Crystal Boyle said...

Haha- my three kids are the same ages as yours and we also live on the eastside. I love hearing that my kids are cute- even if they aren't behaving very cute 😉

Kaitlyn Facista said...

I've gotten "you've got to many helpers!" and it filled me heart and made me so happy!

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