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Friday, February 24, 2017

Virtual fist bump to you, cause we made it to Friday! We have a fun weekend ahead - we're taking the kids to a local pottery shop to paint their first piggy banks (now I'll have a consistent place to find quarters for the carwash) and on Sunday morning, Baylor has a class performance. I'm sure he'll look incredibly dapper up on stage, singing about Jesus and being the most well behaved little chap.  Just kidding, I'm lucky if he doesn't do a cannonball off the bleachers or stick his gum in someone's hair. 
Speaking of gum, I took a whole two minutes yesterday to switch the laundry over, and when I came back to the playroom, Winnie had FOUR pieces in her mouth, and Baylor had at least 6 (wish I was kidding) ... who are these animals?! Winnie pretty much acted like her life was over when I took her's away (true to form) and Baylor spit it out like a vending machine, he's been down this road before.

How about some Friday favorites? 

I just bought one of these Topshop hoodies and am IN LOVE. It's so so cozy & thick, but not stiff. Treat yourself.

We did a Trader Joes run this week... seriously my favorite shopping trip. I love to hear what other people buy there, so if you have favorites, let me know! Our go-to's are the frozen chocolate croissants, the garlic croutons, their cracker cuts cheese, and of course their chocolate covered coffee beans. The wine dipped cheese is a new favorite and we LOVE their 4 cheese Pomodoro & Vodka sauces. The kids devour those. 

There's a BEDTIME feature on your iPhone and it has revolutionized my life. Not really, but I do love it. If you go to the 'Clock' app, and then click on 'Bedtime' at the bottom, you can set your ideal wake time and how many hours of sleep you'd like. It will remind you to go to bed at a certain time. It wakes you up in the most peaceful way and keeps track of your sleep habits based on your phone use. You can also sync to your apple watch if you want further help. Anyways, it's pretty simple but really helps keep me on track. 

Loving all of these garlands - we just bought one and it ended up in the powder room ... can't wait to show you guys next week!

We'll be stocking on Lucky Charms because we will DEFINITELY be making these. I'm all for the holiday treats that are simple, delicious and not too over the top.

Hope your weekend is full of relaxing, cold beverages and at least one cheesy carb. Can't believe we'll be welcoming March next week.

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Anonymous said...

I need that cake stand! Where from?

Kendra Henderson said...

From Home Goods!

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