Displaying Kid's Artwork

Monday, February 20, 2017

The kids are really into creating "artwork" for us and every day it seems there's a new masterpiece. Most of them consist of me (a very round creature with questionable hair and a BIG smile, complete with a smaller circle-like attachment holding the new baby), whether we're going to the grocery store in the drawing, or drinking starbucks (pretty much our life in a nutshell). They're all equally charming, and I just don't have the heart to throw them away (not to mention, the older two kids are total garbage monitors and nothing gets thrown away around here without full approval from all staff members. Somehow,  Winnie manages to throw away half our plastic dishware and nobody throws a shit fit, but I throw away one rogue drawing and I may as well devalue them for the rest of their childhood. Riddle me that?
The reality is, these drawings are piling up, the pantry door can only handle so much washi tape and I need a solution. I've scoured pinterest for some inspiration and now just have to come up with a spot to install. Here's a few of my favorites:
all images via pinterest

I have also seen people use a magnetic set-up, but worry that Winnie would consume at least 4 magnets before I could catch her. 

The playroom is almost done & I can't wait to share - I'm thinking one of these set ups will be perfect in there. Send me more ideas if you have em'! 

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NatalieHelbling said...

Love these ideas. Another fantastic one I saw on someone's instagram was to take pictures of the artwork and then make them into a Chatbook! So genius.

Klein Dot Co said...

Loving these images!! We have the clipboard set-up in our playroom and LOVE it :)

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