HUMP day

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Happy HUMP day. #mikemikemikemikemike (if you have no clue what I'm talking about, brighten up your wednesday with this) A few things to catch you up on ... (this feels strangely like homeroom class in the morning... didn't they call this "housekeeping"? Clearly they had no idea what real housekeeping was like.) anyways... We're doing a little giveaway on Little Baby Garvin this week, so if you haven't already been there, go check it out & enter to win one of our trick or treat onesies or tees!! Jessica is the sweetest and so stinking creative! A definite read for the mama's out there! And if you're visiting from her blog, welcome & I hope you stick around like white on rice!

ALSO...we now offer ALL (yes, all!) of our designs on kid's tees! (they're not all listed, but if you see something you love, let me know and I can set up a custom listing!) It's really exciting to branch into this 'market' if you will, and I can't wait to start designing more shirts that are aimed toward the toddler gang. Because really, they're SO stinking cute, they run around like little drunk people, which is adorbs, AND they say a few words which is worth it's weight in gold. SO, toddlerville...WHERE YOU AT?! throw your pacis in the air like you just don't care (you're old enough to get rid of that thing anyways, right?!) and kick up your wobbly little legs, cause it's about to go down! (good LORD, if I wasn't pregnant, I would have sworn someone slipped me a little liquor in my evening tea. My husband is far too innocent & loving of a man to do that to me ... even when I'm not with child.)

I hope your wednesday is as good as your Saturday was, because we all know Saturday's are the favorite child of the week. ps...if your parents told you they didn't have a favorite, you just weren't it. We're going to be running errands and hopefully hitting up the park if the sky stops dumping buckets of water (highly unlikely considering we live in Seattle). Collin had knee surgery last week and Baylor & I have both been sick with icky colds and runny noses all week, so we're all just trying to recover! I've been in major baby nesting mode all of a sudden and have major plans to crank out this nursery! We're getting the room painted tomorrow so I'll be sure to share a few updates along the way! I loved doing Baylor's nursery and still really enjoy being in there, so I'm hoping to have the same results on this one! 

And now... I leave you with this gem to sum up our week so far!  ... love these two boys!

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