Bellamy's Gold + White Nursery

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Because we didn't find out what we were having with both of our kids, I've always done a gender neutral nursery (see Baylor's here, and Bellamy's old nursery, here). We recently moved into a new house and have been chipping away at decorating, room by room. Bellamy was only 6 months when we moved, so I took this as an opportunity to finally do a gender-specific & girly nursery. I'll fully admit, I'm much more comfortable being a 'boy mom' than I am a girly mama, BUT, I'll call this a successful venture into girl-mother-hood. I loved finding all the delicate, glittery accents and keeping things pure and white was my north star.

We frequent Home Goods and I was able to collect a lot of little accents for her room throughout the last few months. All of her pillows and most of the baby blankets are random pick-ups from there. 

We had this chalkboard (originally a mirror-dresser combo repurposed for a chalkboard) in Baylor's nursery at our old house and I ended up repurposing it for Bellamy's room.

metal letters // crib // dresser // floral pendant light // side table - sold out - Target  // metal baskets //  

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